Best Budget Ice Coolers for Family Camping


Capacity: 40-quart to 55-quart to hold food for several days.
Exterior Dimensions: Small enough to pack in your car.
Shape: Should be rectangular shaped, rather than square shaped, to facilitate food storage and retrieval.
Weight: Light enough to pick up when filled with food and ice.
Dry Food Storage: Should have a basket or at least a ledge to add one.
Drainage: Should have a drain plug. If not will have to remove food and turn on side.
Ice Retention: Should retain ice for at least 2 or 3 days.
Unnecessary Features: Avoid coolers with wheels and handles.
Price: Several coolers are priced under $125; those priced about $50 or higher have drain plugs.

My Picks

Coleman Steel Belted 54 Quart $130
Coleman Xtreme 52 Quart $52
Igloo MaxCold 50 Quart $65
Igloo Marine Ultra 48 Quart $50
Coleman Marine 50 Quart $53
Igloo Latitude 50 Quart $50
Rubbermaid 48 Quart $35
Coleman Performance 48 Quart $33
Igloo Island Breeze 48 Quart $25
Coleman 40 Quart Wheeled $35