Modern Tent Camping Store

The Modern Tent Camping Store offers several items for sale.
These items would make great gifts for Christmas, birthday, or some other special occasion.
Please contact me at or 256-651-9341 before sending money.
Send payment by PayPal to
Revised February 21, 2019

Personalized Name Flags

Hang this personalized flag (with your name and hometown) on your campsite number post as a Welcome Sign to let other campers know that they are welcome to stop and chat. I will print your name and hometown at the bottom of the banner.
Small (18” by 12”) is priced at $20 plus $8 shipping; Large (24” by 18”) is $25 plus $8 shipping.
Note: This item DOES NOT include the 1” by 2” hang bar and cord shown below.



Show your friends that you are a proud tent camper. These medium weight Hanes shirts are perfect for warm camping weather and can be worn over a long-sleeve shirt in cooler weather. Sizes and prices are listed below.
Mens 3XL & 4XL $22 + shipping
Mens L, XL & 2XL $20 + shipping
Womens S & M $20 + shipping (Note: V-neck and logo on back)
Youth sizes can be made, if sufficient interest.
Color logos can be made, if sufficient interest.
Shipping for one shirt in the lower 48 states is $8.

Custom-Made Leather Axe Sheaths

A leather axe sheath improves axe safety. It protects the sharp edge from damage, protects other gear from damage, and protects people from accidental injury. The price of a custom sheath to fit your camp axe is about $30 plus $8 shipping but will vary depending upon head size and shape. Please watch my YouTube video posted in February 2019.

Restored Vintage Camp Axes

Over the past 5 years, I have restored about 50 vintage axes and now offer a few of them for sale. Typically, I removed the handle and cleaned rust from the head. Then, I determined whether or not to replace the old handle. If the handle was too damaged to save, I replaced it with a nice hickory handle, sanded the handle smooth, drilled a lanyard hole, applied two coats of boiled linseed oil, sharpened the edge, and made a custom leather sheath. These restored axes are just as good, if not better, than many new axes you could buy today. The prices of these restored axes vary between $40 and $70. This slide show shows a few that are currently available for sale. Contact me for the most up-to-date list.

Woody Folding Wood Stove

In 2014, I developed a portable folding wood burning stove - which I call “Woody.” It is large enough and strong enough to cook a complete meal for a small family but yet folds flat and requires very little packing space for travel. It allows you to cook a complete family meal with a small amount of firewood in any campground - regardless of the type of fire ring available. It weighs 10 pounds and features: 
      1) heavy duty 11 GA carbon steel back and sides that are strong enough to hold large cast iron
dutch ovens and frying pans filled with food;
      2) a large 13 by 13-inch cooking surface that can accommodate a 12-inch frying pan, a 10-quart
stew pot, or three smaller pots; 

      3) two strong piano hinges that allow you to fold the sides flat for travel;
      4) high-quality welding and fabrication;
      5) good fuel efficiency that allows you to cook a meal or boil a pot of dried beans for an hour with
one large piece of firewood;
      6) a cooking grate (for an additional fee) that locks into place and can be used to grill steaks,
hamburgers & pork chops.
7) it can be combined with a commercial Aluminum baking pan to maximize fuel efficiency.

The Woody Stove with 3 pot support bars is priced $125 plus shipping. The cooking grate is priced at $25 plus shipping. For more details. please watch THE WOODY FOLDING WOOD STOVE YouTube Video video and contact me.

Top Shelf

The Top Shelf is a great addition to your camp kitchen if you use milk crates to organize your kitchen equipment. It fits on top of two milk crates and offers a secure place to store small items and protect them from falling down to the ground. A Top Shelf is priced at $30 plus shipping.


The goal of Modern Tent Camping is help families learn how to live as comfortably as possible in developed state and federal campgrounds for several days or weeks, regardless of weather, with just the clothing and equipment they can pack in their car. In line with this objective, I have written four books. You can buy these books directly from or order autographed copies from me. To order from Amazon, just click the links below. To order from me, send the amount posted to the right of the book title plus $8 shipping to me via PayPal.